A chat with Mitch Fraas on his shamanic initiation and Mayan tours to Guatemala, the archeology of the unconscious, "snake-handling" and the Kundalini experience, Mitch's voices, riding Hurricane Mitch, "Mitch Hits Town," Maximon, Judas and the divine plan, OCD and ritual magik, practising shamanism, magikal thinking as a way of life, staying true to the inner voice, avoiding personal entanglement with clients, walking the line of impeccability, living in the realm of good and evil, moving beyond polarity consciousness and the realm of antipathies, letting go of personal feelings while holding onto passion, dealing with the occasional unsatisfied customer and how this pertains to Jason's work at SWEDA, Mayan tours as the fieldwork stage of the SWEDA training process?

Mitch's site: http://www.livingmaya.com