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Jason K sings and babbles a fond farewell to his sorcerer friends, sitting atop a stone and vagabonding about town, discussing fear and desire, how thoughts and feelings run the show, lightening up about the end of the world, Jesse Miller and the Beatles as psy-op, being temporary, to what do we assign value, the measure of truth, merchants of temporality, cognitive dissonance of tulpa theory, the mistake of comparing ourselves to others, being at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, the fundamental lie of enmeshment, mistaking interdepedence for co-dependecy, the burden of living up to other people's ideas of us, the trap of being a good person, how tulpas are created, bringing the sorcerer's revelation home, becoming okay with failure, taking on the other person's disowned stuff, matching patterns, dealing with irritating parents, keeping the karmic wheel spinning, how patterns hook into and magnetize each other, finding peace in the midst of matricide, the weapon of laughter, the evolution of anger, going out with a bang and a whimper, the illusion of humanity, becoming one with the Earth, the shadow of consciousness, endings and beginnings, what's behind the words, embodying truth a little bit, the danger of turning a way of being into a way of doing, the Captain keeps his tongue in cheek, shedding the audience skin, and bye bye to you all and a very Happy Spring Equinox from the Ram!

Songs: "Democratic Circus" and "The Facts of Life," by Talking Heads

Website: http://aeoluskephas.com  Vagabond Blues Podcast: http://vagabond.podomatic.com


Part Two of JK's chat with Joseph Matheny, beginning with JK's theory of the "2nd matrix," Castaneda's separate reality and weaseling between the two intepretations of consensus reality and the sorcerer's view to reach "non-interpreted reality," helping to build a surrogate reality tunnel, why waking up to the external situation isn't enough, credit-free awakening, JM's spectrum of human history, are we advancing or going backwards?, the Nazis and the disowned shadow, living on a possibility wave, JM's future forecast, the Extreme Individual Institute (EII) and redefining the Psychopath, JM's 4P2 (Process Church) ARG, recruiting serial killers, putting your hand on your own rudder, Christopher Hyatt and the early days of the EII, the parallels between EII and SWEDA, group integration and metasouls, deprogramming, the pitfalls of being a cult leader, using transmedia storytelling as part of the indivduation process, and a word about Sebastian and The Dandy in the Underworld.

New Extreme Individual Institute: http://www.neweii.com/



Part one of a two-hour chat between Jason Kephas and transmedia storyteller Joseph Matheny (of Ong's Hat fame), discussing Joseph's pre-Internet days of ARG-ing, the difference between corporate multimarketing and transmedia storytelling, community building, the body imprint via audience interaction, breaking down the 4th wall, violating the audience's comfort zone, Sacred Theater of catharis, reality TV as a way to hijack the real audience participation movement, the bifurcation of culture, consensus reality versus alternate perceptions community, 2% of the species awakening, Joseph the apocalyptic media consultant, the demon of corporate life, the hidden morphic field behind civilization, you can take the man out of the corporation but can you take the corporation out of the man, the Somebody Virus, Alex Jones' fear-mongering, FEMA camps and black helicopters, the parallel dangers of hope-mongering, Jason's armageddon scenario of truth versus illusion, how the Universe becomes a cosmic conspiracy when filtered through the personal self, why myths are closer to reality than the official story, what's 1% of 2% of 7 billion people, Joseph's life raft to somewhere....

Joseph's sites can be found at http://jmatheny.wordpress.com/

Part Two of this chat will be up next Wednesday.



Another departure for Warty Theorems, this week Jason consults with quantum astrologer Lyn Birkbeck on his archetypal conflict with his brother, his current Pluto/Saturn square, the contest between trickery and earnestness, the myth of Set & Osiris, past-life dynamics, the two types of cock, petty tyrants and paper tigers, Jason's alchemical process of self-exposure or is it just dirty laundry, getting in on the great joke of existence, shadow play and the Opus Magnus, the enlightening influence of humor, and a sorcerer's story to end on.

Lyn Birkbeck's site (inc. info on consultations): http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/


A better recording of Jason K's recent chat with Ralph at Infinite Waters, covering a whole host of subjects in rapid-fire free-ass style from child's consciousness to lucid dreaming to . . . oh to hell with it, listen to it for yourself!


A chat with Mitch Fraas on his shamanic initiation and Mayan tours to Guatemala, the archeology of the unconscious, "snake-handling" and the Kundalini experience, Mitch's voices, riding Hurricane Mitch, "Mitch Hits Town," Maximon, Judas and the divine plan, OCD and ritual magik, practising shamanism, magikal thinking as a way of life, staying true to the inner voice, avoiding personal entanglement with clients, walking the line of impeccability, living in the realm of good and evil, moving beyond polarity consciousness and the realm of antipathies, letting go of personal feelings while holding onto passion, dealing with the occasional unsatisfied customer and how this pertains to Jason's work at SWEDA, Mayan tours as the fieldwork stage of the SWEDA training process?

Mitch's site: http://www.livingmaya.com


The second half of a two-hour conversation with Douglas Lain from Diet Soap, in which Doug snatches some free SWEDA-time with Jason and they discuss Doug's alien encounters, his early writing career, his bid to be a somebody, his social libertarianism, 9/11 obsession as a way to escape marriage troubles, escapism and self-medication, enjoyment of the body as opposed to enjoyment with the body, Doug's activism, connecting via podcasts, his lousy job situation, being a father and husband, the danger of becoming a burden to one's family, the somebody virus, seeing problems as they are instead of trying to fix them, existential psychology versus mysticism, how we are fully responsible for our circumstances, and finally Doug queries Jason on the responsiblity of giving advice and his recent chat with Steve Willner.


Second part of "Sebastian-Gate," a two-part exploration of Jason's relationship with his brother and the connection to serial killers and mind control: opposing points of view, denial of conspiracy fact, Ted Bundy's handlers, the reasons for justifying child abuse, allies in amorality, the suicidal urge, Jason's NDE, messianic inflation and "Being the One," killing a cat, being taken over by Lucifer, the devil is not a nice guy, the implant of abuse, lightning wounds the one it stops at, passing on the charge, Cain & Abel with a twist, the archetypal blueprint, cover stories, "false memory syndrome" and the victim card, levels of amnesia, Lucifer and the curse of the first-born, embodying archetypal energies, usurping the throne, Christ the redeemer, the source of the myth, absolute truth of yin & yang, the absent father, the constructed identity, form & formlessness, becoming a fixed point in the system, reigning in hell, Lucifer's insistence, personal sovereignty over service, vacating the throne, the original binary system, Jason's induced birth, negative male bonding, born into Lucifer's realm, myths as maps of consciousness, seeing ourselves from the outside, letting go of free will, the unbearable weight of doing, the fodder for podcasts, how myth coagulates into personal history, the deep showing through the shallows, embodiments of a wound, reconciling the Christ-Lucifer conundrum.

Songs: David Byrne's "The Man Who Loved Beer"; P.J. Harvey's "The Darker Days of Me & Him"; David Byrne's "Ain't Got So Far To Go."


Jason takes the podcast into more intimate realms while also looking at the Big Picture. Juxtaposing his childhood experiences growing up with his brother, Sebastian (author of Dandy in the Underworld) with the revelations of Dave McGowan’s Programmed to Kill, the podcast looks at serial killers as military-programmed psychopaths, Project Phoenix, the creation of surrogate realities, the romanticizing of murder, the pedocracy and the power elite, the morphogenetic field of satanic ritual abuse, millennia-long "family" agendas and the non-human element, how serial killers are created by turning children into receptacles for the abusers’ unconscious loads, passing on the homicidal urge, and the everyday mechanics of mind control.

This is not the usual “Aeolus Kephas” podcast and should be approached with caution.


A new departure for Warty Theorems as Jason chats with Louis Proud, author of Dark Intrusions, about sleep paralysis, spirits, dead people and tulpas, aural hallucinations and nocturnal visitations, the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states, shamans’ journey to the underworld, the movement of the assemblage point, the mystery of sleep, the Psychopomp, Louis’ experiments in sleep paralysis and troll visitations, the question of mediumship, Louis’ religious background, the afterlife, are the dead in denial, the subject of channeling, Joe Fisher and the hungry ghosts, Buddhist offerings to the dead, astral shells and entities, how inorganic beings cobble together id-entities using the elements of our unconscious, Akashic records or genetic memory, the incalculable advantages of being inorganic, why the Men in Black never quite get being “human” right, the discarnate realms, shadow matter and alien abductions, how Imaginal beings attain physical manifestation using our psychic energy, tuning between alternate frequencies of existence, poltergeist and pubescent girls, are alien abductees unconscious mediums?

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